Building Envelope Showdown:
Prefabricated Systems vs. Competing Challengers

Whether you're an architect, an owner, or a general contractor, this is your chance to witness firsthand how the battle of building envelopes unfolds.

The building envelope is a fundamental element that influences the performance, efficiency, and overall sustainability of a structure. In this webinar, we will compare different building envelope systems, including Prefabricated Systems, Curtain Wall, Metal Panel, and EIFS. By analyzing the strengths, limitations, and considerations of each system, participants will be equipped with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions in their architectural and construction endeavors.

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The Ultimate Face-Off:
Watch as Prefabricated Building Envelope squares off against its worthy rivals: Curtain Wall, EIFS and Metal Panel. Gain insights into the core concepts, advantages, and limitations of each system.

Case Study Showcase:  Explore a real-life case study to uncover the strategic decision-making process. Learn about considerations and evaluations that lead to optimal construction choices, enhancing your ability to make informed decisions.

Performance Analysis: Evaluate critical factors such as energy efficiency, sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and maintenance considerations. Understand how these dimensions influence project design and long-term viability.

Application of Knowledge: Apply the gained knowledge to real-world scenarios, enhancing your ability to make informed decisions regarding building envelope systems that align with architectural vision and project goals.

NOTE: AIA credit does not apply to webinars on demand