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An exciting option to the Clark Pacific Infinite Façade system is the integration of smart tinting windows by Halio®.  Halio Smart Glass is the industry’s most advanced, most naturally tinting glass. It takes your façade to a new level on energy performance and interior comfort by actively managing glare and heat gain.

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Halio Smart Glass elevates a facility value and tenant experience in multiple ways:

  • Superior color: clear, like low-E glass, when un-tinted.  Cool-gray when tinted.
  • Fast: tints/clears 10x faster than other solutions, tinting the full range in under 3 minutes
  • Responsive: Daylight is sampled every 30 seconds and tinting begins within 15 seconds making Halio the only smart glass that can respond in real-time to unpredicted weather changes
  • Even tinting: A Halio window or façade tints evenly – no halos, honeycombs, bullseye or other obvious and distracting tinting patterns
  • Tint levels: Only Halio has unlimited tint level stops between clear and fully tinted, enabling a façade with Halio Smart Glass to maximize the daylight let in rather than block it out, while optimizing for glare and heat gain management